A prayer warrior from Split Lake is rejoicing as over 800 children in her community are receiving their very own Bibles.

"We had a lady from Arborg contact us and just said she had a friend named Nancy up in Split Lake who has a huge heart for the children in her community. Nancy and a couple of other women pray regularly for the kids there," says Ryan Rempel at Give the Word

There are roughly 860 children in the community of Split Lake, Manitoba. 

"They were just trying to find some way that they could reach out to them. The kids in that community are on lockdown and many of them are experiencing boredom and frustration."

Initially, Nancy asked for just a few Bibles from Give the Word, as she considered giving them all a Bible would be too much to ask for. 

"We just said 'What if we could give something for each child?' She was a little sheepish to ask for that kind of quantity. I said 'Let's do it!'"

Rempel reached out to an air delivery service, Perimeter Air, to see if they could come to an agreement on bringing all these Bibles up to the community. 

"They agreed to ship them for free, which is a huge cost saving on postage. Sending anything up North isn't cheap," says Rempel.

Another blessing happened with the project when a few hours after posting about the project on social media, a donor said they would cover the cost for all the Bibles. 

The shipment made it up North and now people are in the process of handing all the Bibles to the children out. There has been a ripple effect taking place. 

"During the process, going to these homes, she's found some of the parents asking for their own Bibles."

So far 15 elders in the community have expressed interest in their own Bible and the gospel. 

"The lady from Arborg who had made this connection for us is going to be picking up these 15 Bibles and is going to be writing a personal letter to each person who will be receiving these Bibles. We'll keep this going as long as the requests keep coming."

Rempel says that because of the supporter's generosity, Give the Word has yet to turn down a request for a Bible since they've been open. 

"I know the need up North is great in every aspect, not just for the Word and the gospel but for physical needs as well."

Rempel asks people to pray for the ministry and all who are receiving the Scriptures. 

"Pray for the boots on the ground and the people out there willing to share the gospel and make these Bibles available. As Nancy said in her message to us, the harvest is plenty but the workers are few."