After a surprise inspection finding burnt-out staff, WRHA says Parkview Place needs to hire more people.

Since September 15, Parkview Place at 440 Edmonton Street has had a total of 121 cases of COVID-19. The healthcare facility is in the Downtown Winnipeg COVID-19 district which has 530 total cases. At Parkview, 92 residents contracted the virus, with 18 deaths, 36 active cases of COVID-19, and 38 recoveries. There were 29 cases of COVID-19 in staff with 11 recoveries. Eighteen staff cases are currently active.

"I wish to offer my deepest condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives during this pandemic. We consider every loss tragic," Dr. Rhonda Collins, the Chief Medical Officer of Revera, the company that owns Parkview Place.

Collins says that the facility has been making changes after receiving a visit from the WRHA.

On October 17, the WRHA brought five of its staff members late afternoon to Parkview for a surprise visit.

At this time, staff members were at the door to greet the staff.

After inspecting the facility, the health authority gave almost two dozen recommendations. Parkview says they have fulfilled most of those, but staffing continues to be an issue.

"Staff are burned out, exhausted, are being mandated and Revera has exhausted recruitment strategies," a report from the WRHA says.

The WRHA says the facility needs to hire an additional 20 more nurses and 40 Health Care Assistants to keep up with the current demand for staff. Gina Trinidad, Chief Health Operations Officer with the WRHA, says that despite strong efforts to recruit, people are hesitant to work in the facility.

"There are a few different challenges there," Trinidad says. "There is a general fear and anxiety out there to come into a facility, to work, that we know is in an outbreak." 

Parkview says they have completed most of the recommendations given to them by the WRHA, including training regarding PPE use and hospital transportation. Parkview is now training security staff to fill a general worker role.

The facility was also in need of a gurney to transport deceased residents.

WRHA says other actions in the facility were required, including cleaning a cockroach infestation that is currently being looked after by an outside company.

Trinidad says that the WRHA has received calls from concerned family members regarding this outbreak.

"We have received about seven calls to our client relations line from Parkview Place families. Their concerns are really around 'how do I discharge my loved one'... better communication... and the other area is really general care and concern."

Collins says at the beginning of the outbreak that they were unaware that asymptomatic people could spread COVID-19, which they believe is one of the factors for their large number of COVID-19 cases.