Phil Wickham is releasing a video about his time on the set of the hit TV series about the Bible called The Chosen

Wickham played a role as an extra during the shooting of 'The Sermon on the Mount' episode. 

"There were thousands of people there on set in costume ready to film. The director [Dallas Jenkins] could have used CGI to pull it off, but he had a vision of inviting people from all over the country that had actually invested in the creation of the show through their crowdfunding campaign," says Wickham. 

Each person who came on set had to get a COVID test first, but the director was committed to the authenticity of the moment. 

"My favorite moment of the day was leading ‘The Blessing’ with my friends [Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes] right before we shot the scene," he says. 

The CCM artist is known for songs like 'Battle Belongs', 'This is Amazing Grace', and 'Living Hope'. 

"I've never been so cold," says Wickham during the video. Then he revealed hand warmers while in costume to keep circulation in his fingers. 

The artist led worship a few times, once in character on the set and once to a crowd of roughly 4,000 extras. 

Season 2 of The Chosen will begin airing on Easter Weekend in early April.