Authorities are charging a man with the homicide of his mother and father, and the attempted murder of a supervisor.

Investigators believe a suspect killed his father in Winnipeg, killed his mother in New Bothwell, and then attempted to murder a hospital co-worker in a very tight time period on Wednesday. Police would not say why this occurred, saying tips and information will help them determine this. 

The investigation is split between the WPS and RCMP Manitoba, as the homicide of the victim's mother was in New Bothwell.

"This does not typically happen and here is what is going on. We have two jurisdictions which mean two separate investigations," Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) Constable Rob Carver says.  "The ownership is residing with the two agencies."

Police say the homicide of the suspect's father was the first homicide, happening early afternoon on Wednesday on Toronto Street in Winnipeg. The suspect's father was visited by RCMP to inform him he was the next of kin later Wednesday afternoon after two serious incidents, only to discover he was dead. Carver could not share details other than there was no firearm involved. The suspect has been charged with Second Degree Murder for this homicide.

The second homicide was in New Bothwell, with the victim being the suspect's mother. RCMP was following up on a wellness check requested by a friend of the mother's.

The son is facing First Degree Murder for this homicide. This homicide is what tipped off police to the series of incidents. 

sgt pmSgt. Paul Manaigre, an RCMP Manitoba spokesperson, says the assault on the suspect's mother in New Bothwell was violent.

"In speaking with some of the neighbours, who in that location everybody knows everybody, they were able to quickly determine who stopped by. Like I say, the pieces fell into place," Sgt. Paul Manaigre of the RCMP says.

RCMP called the Winnipeg Police Service, alerting them of the situation. Later, police received a tip that the suspect might be in the McPhillips and Leila area. While they were there, the suspect arrived at Seven Oaks Hospital, his place of employment. The suspect then approached and attacked a supervisor in the atrium. As the hospital was calling for security, they inadvertently broadcast the woman's screams throughout the entire hospital. 

Mike Nader stands in front of the Seven Oaks Hospital on Thursday afternoon, answering questions from the media about a stabbing that occurred inside.WRHA President Mike Nader stands in front of the Seven Oaks Hospital on Thursday afternoon, answering questions from the media about a stabbing that occurred inside the day before.

Police immediately arrived, finding staff pulling the suspect off of the victim and the woman being rushed to intensive care.

"He is taken into custody instantly by our guys as they walk in," Carver says. 

Carver is unable to share details on her injuries, other than it was "horrifically severe." WRHA President Mike Nader says on Thursday that the hospital victim was not the direct supervisor of the suspect.

"It was not anything that anybody could have anticipated," Nader said on Thursday.

She has since been transferred to another hospital, receiving surgery and is in serious condition. 

"She is not out of the woods," Carver says. 

The suspect is being charged with Attempted Murder for the stabbing.

Carver says a medical assessment was a key component in their investigation, unable to share more information other than the assessment was not because of an injury.

"I am stuck here in very strict provincial legislation," Carver explains.

None of these allegations have been proven in court.