Update: Callie Wiebe's family says that they "will not turn down more prayer" as their daughter continues to heal in hospital.

Callie's parents are sharing that their daughter's recovery is going well and is now able to drink fluids and take short walks.

Their daughter is currently experiencing difficulties battling fevers, but her internal injuries appear to be healing well. 

"I think prayer is always a great avenue that is always appreciated and incredibly valuable to a degree that I haven't fully grasped yet," Michelle Wiebe, Callie's mom says. "I can't fathom what it would have looked like without all the strength that surrounds us and the hope we have in the one who sustains us."

The Wiebe family says that they are thankful for all of the support their Westpark School, Prairie Alliance Church, and friends and family. 

"Above all without a doubt, we are thankful for those who have prayed for Callie and for us. Speaking life and light into the situation," Michelle adds.

The family continues to be by Callie's side as she makes her recovery.



Jon and Michelle Wiebe are "surrounded by people who are speaking life" after their daughter was flown to the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg.

Callie and her older sister Jaylin were on a skiing trip at Asessippi Ski Resort with their youth group on Friday when Callie crashed into a shack while going down a hill.

The sisters were making their last run of the day when Jaylin fell, leaving Callie to ski down the hill. After recovering, Jaylin realized she could not see her sister and alerted her youth leaders.

"They sent up a patrol" Jon, Callie's father says about how they found Callie.

Callie was found conscious, but bleeding in the snow. She was first brought to the Russell Health Centre where they stitched her up but was sent to Prairie Mountain Health Brandon, Manitoba. There it was discovered that her injuries required further attention and Callie was airlifted to the Children's Hospital in Winnipeg.

"Some of the things they (are saying ) are so powerful and encouraging."

Callie is currently facing injuries to her pancreas, kidney, and other traumas.

"The support is huge," Jon says. "We are overwhelmed."

The Wiebe family has received support and prayers from across the province as well as from family members in other parts of the country and world.

"The kids from each class sent in pictures and words of encouragement," Michelle, Callie's mom says. "Some of the things they (are saying ) are so powerful and encouraging."

Calli's mom, Michelle, says the constant testing has been difficult for her daughter.

"You are just constantly waiting," Michelle says. "It is really tough."

Because of the tests, Callie is unable to drink water before any scans and has expressed she would rather drink water than have any pain medication.

Callie's and her sibling's schools have been sending the family cards and letters wishing them well and family members have been praying for Callie's recovery.

"We have been surrounded by people who are speaking life over Callie and over us," Michelle says.

The Wiebe's are from Portage la Prairie so the family has set up a GoFundMe account. Callie's auntie, Terilynn Bell, is using the account to share updates on Callie's process.