What should have been a joyful cycling fundraiser for his granddaughter has turned into a moment of desperate need and prayer for one Manitoban family. 

"I need your listeners to pray," says Marquis Petit. "My dad was in an accident during his ride."

Petit is a husband and father of four children. Earlier in March, Petit stepped up and donated one of his kidneys to save his youngest daughter, Eveline

The surgery went well and the two are recovering well. Petit's father decided to do something a few months back to bless Eveline and other children who face health crisis' everyday by doing a cycling fundraiser. 

J.P. normally ran marathons but he decided to do a huge cycling event as a fundraiser called #Cycle4Eveline. He left Winnipeg June 4 and J.P.'s goal was to cycle 1,350 km total and by riding roughly 100 km a day. To finish the goal he would have arrived at his destination on June 17.

Petit shared on Thursday morning, June 10, that his dad was in great need of prayer after an accident. 

"My family needs prayer, we really need God right now. He reached his goal," says Petit through tears. "He didn't reach his destination but he raised his monetary goal."

The goal was to raise $20,000 to go towards Eveline's ongoing medical costs and the Nephrology Department at HSC Children’s.

"There's still lots we don't know. There's always a glimmer of hope in Christ and I know that. The medical side of me knows and feels the truth, but there were a lot of signs from God yesterday of His grace on me while I drove down. God can still do a miracle."

Petit shares that machines are keeping his dad alive at this point in Souix Falls, South Dakota. He drove from Winnipeg yesterday to join his mother. 

"I believe in a merciful God that is right with him. I need to be God's light right now. I just need prayer for support."