Authorities from the Chinese Communist Party continue to pressure members of a church, raiding a home of a member and removing belongings on Thursday morning.

The Early Rain Covenant Church has been in the sights of the CCP for several years, with many members, including children, being arrested and detained. Some pastors are still in custody after several years.

On Thursday, a group that sends out prayer requests on social media on behalf of the church sent out an urgent request.

"At 7:00 this morning, a large group of police officers, education bureau officials, national security officers, and urban management officers surrounded a home where homeschooled children of Early Rain Covenant Church were playing together," the post says.

"The police are now raiding the home. There are a large number of police officers outside and inside of brother Liang Huali and Sister Shu Qiong’s home, and they are currently removing brother Liang’s personal belongings. Please pray!"

There has been no update as of yet on if anyone was detained.

Members of the church were most recently visited by police on Christmas Eve as well as New Year's Eve.