The fires that led to the current state of emergency facing Australia is causing prayer to spread throughout the country.

According to The Normal Christian Life (TNCL), a non-profit organization based out of Glory City Church in Brisbane, Australia, reports the wildfires raging along the Australian coast are encouraging prayer, even from those who wouldn't usually do so.

"In the midst of this, more people are praying to God than I've ever seen before, including people that wouldn't usually pray," a video posted online by TNCL states.

In the video, woman says, "I don't pray to the Lord very often, but yesterday, I've never prayed so hard in all my life."

"I was praying to God, I was praying to Jesus to turn the wind," a man says.

As bushfires continue to rage along Australia's southeast coast, local churches are praying and fasting for rain.

Australia had been enduring its hottest and driest year on record when fires sparked, some due to lightening, others because of human action. The Australian state of New South Wales has been one of the most affected places in the country.

Sharing the hope of Christ in tragedy

In the online video, TNCL shows the power of sharing the Gospel with Australians during this time of tragedy.

The narrator in the video, Nathaniel, begins by speaking with strangers about the fires while at a park with his family. He asks those he meets if they've noticed Australians joining together to help others as the wildfires burn.

Fires Causing Non-Believers to Pray. We ask Australians Why?

Fires Causing Non-Believers to Pray - We ask Australians Why Donate to the Disaster Appeal Watch 3 Circles Video Check out Silence Breakers at

Posted by The Normal Christian Life on Friday, January 3, 2020

"A lot of people have opened their homes to people who've been evacuated," one individual responds.

"You band together to help your fellow man, which is a good thing to see," says another woman.

After showing a video of people who say the fires in Australia have inspired them to pray, Nathaniel asks those he is speaking with why they believe people turn to God in times of disaster.

"I think it's a bit of a natural instinct," one man says.

"No matter what you believe in, there's a creator," a woman adds, "and you want to know that that creator has got your back."

"We're atheists and I would do the same thing," she says.

Another woman comments, "It's often a last hope for people, I guess."

Several of those spoken to by TNCL share that they themselves have turned to prayer during this uncertain time.

At that time, Nathaniel says an opportunity arose to share the gospel.

"It says in the Bible that God has put eternity on men's hearts, and we know that we're not going to live forever," Nathaniel explained, using a presentation of the Three Circles to share the love of Christ.

Nathaniel also encouraged those he came across who were already Christians to share their faith with others during this time, a challenge many Christians can take to heart.

"People are really ready and open at the moment," Nathaniel says.

"It certainly is an important opportunity more than ever to be what we've been taught and what we've been committed to do as Christians," another woman says.