Mark Beaumont of the UK, who previously held the world record for the longest distance cycled in a month, is offering his congratulations to Arvid Loewen of Winnipeg, who beat it on July 29, 2020.

Beaumont is a broadcaster, author, and speaker on top of being an extreme athlete. 

He also continues to hold a few Guinness World records, including cycling around the world in just under 79 days back in 2017. 

Mark Beaumont from the UK hold the previous record for the longest distance cycled in one month.  Mark Beaumont, an extreme athlete from the UK. (Mark Beaumont/Facebook)

"I had heard about Arvid’s incredible feat of endurance," Beaumont says, "a huge congratulations." 

The athlete from the UK was 37-years-old when he achieved the GWR by cycling 11,315 km in 30 days. Arvid Loewen was 63-years-old when he beat that record one day early, on July 29, 2020. 

The final length that Loewen rode on his bike is 11,616 km, cycled in 30 days. 

Beaumont is no stranger to the physical toll an event like this is on the body. 

"It is hard to imagine for most people what it is like averaging nearly 400 km every day for a month, unless you have done this even once," says Beaumont. "Being able to wake up a few hours later and do the same again and again for weeks take massive mental fortitude as well as physical resilience."

Loewen does ultra-marathon cycling because of his passion to raise awareness and funds for Mully's Children's Family (MCF), an orphanage in Kenya that takes care of thousands of destitute children. 

Through this July record-breaking event, Loewen, alongside his wife Ruth, raised approximately $350,000 for MCF. 

Beaumont says, "Arvid’s achievement shows that endurance is the great leveler. Young or old, male or female, we can all learn to go further, to endure - and what an inspiring story for his kids and grandkids - that man now has a superpower!"