Gordon Giesbrecht, A.K.A. Professor Popsicle is retiring from the University of Manitoba to continue missions work around the globe. 

Giesbrecht has put himself in many hypothermic situations all in the name of science and research that has helped save lives. He shares he's put himself into hypothermia 40 times for research purposes. 

"In Toronto, in front of city hall, we were doing a demonstration for something and I was walking along and all of a sudden someone yells out, 'Hey Doctor Giesbrecht, you saved my life.' Which is really gratifying." 

Giebrecht has been on five mission trips over the past two years and is going to continue venturing out with his church Soul Sanctuary behind him. 

"I'm going to do some things ministry-wise over the next few years, locally and internationally. I'm very fortunate I'm healthy so I'm just trying to redeem the time as much as I can and do things for the Lord's work." 

Most of Giesbrecht's past trips took him to Ukraine since the war broke out where he was helping with the critical care unit on the front lines. On one trip he was in Turkey and unofficially ran a sports camp for kids. 

"I pray for the folks whenever I'm there," says Giesbrecht. "One aspect of that is just to be thankful we're where we are."

Giesbrecht welcomes prayer as he will be heading out on more mission trips coming up in his retirement. 

Hear the whole conversation in the video above.