It says a lot when award-winning athletics is one of numerous activities in which a high school student is involved. The on-court talent is a given, but it also speaks to energy, dedication and a heart for people in the community. 

Peyton Kehler, the Providence University College High School Student-Athlete of the Month for May 2023, has a lot going on. Her Grade 11 exams will shortly round out a period she admits has been “chaotic.” But you get the feeling she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“I find a lot of joy in extracurriculars and other stuff outside school,” she says, pointing out her current involvement with an Ontario-based not-for-profit organization that works to empower women involved in sport. She has also served as a Junior Youth Member on the Hanover Municipal Council since Grade 9. 

“Ever since, I’ve just stayed invested and working to better my community and those around me,” she says. 

Basketball, too, has opened doors for community involvement. 

“Prairie Basketball League started their women’s division this year, and I had a couple friends reach out and ask if I’d help get a few players together,” she explains. “The league is a lot of fun and the Finals are coming up this week. There’s been a lot of excitement.” 

Like many high-achieving athletes, Kehler played several sports before settling on basketball, among them Timbits soccer and softball. But when she was in Grade 5 she attended a camp facilitated by her church, which is where she fell in love with basketball. 

“Ever since then, it’s been the one for me!” she says. 

Kehler will continue playing basketball in her last year of high school, and she says she hopes to stay in the game at post-secondary level while studying social work and community development. 

“I want to help people in tough situations. It’s not their fault, and they just need a little hand. I’d also like to go into some political science and stay in that world.” 

Whatever she decides, wherever she goes, she’ll be making a difference. She already is. And student athletics showed her another way she could. 

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