Justice Officals say they are handing out more COVID-19 enforcement tickets after investigations.

During the week of May 3 to 9, 60 tickets and 90 warnings for noncompliance with the Public Health Orders were given out. Thirty-two tickets were given out recently after investigating rallies.

Tickets given out from last week include 50 $1,296 individual tickets. Forty-seven of those were for gatherings in private residences or outdoors. The other three were for failure to isolate.

The province also handed out 32 $1,296 tickets for previous rallies. Twenty-two people were tickets follow a May 3 rally outside the Law Courts. Ten tickets were given out for May 1 gatherings, including two from a rally in Winkler and eight for a rally at the Forks.

More tickets for these rallies could be given out, as they are under investigation.

"Officials advise the choice to defy public health orders is a serious offence and violators will be held to account," the province says in a statement.

Justice officials are reminding Manitobans that they have changed the COVID-19 enforcement fine amounts, saying repeat offenders will face double the original fine amount.

Last week nine tickets were handed out for failure to wear a mask and Costco on Regent Avenue in Winnipeg received a $5,000 fine.

Over $1.8 million in fines have been given out since April of last year.