Manitoba's Premier says there will be consequences for those who received and have not paid tickets for noncompliance with the Public Health Orders.

Those who previously received a ticket for not following the health orders are expected to pay them. If not, Premier Brian Pallister says things such as suspending driver's licenses and garnishing wages will be used to enforce payments.

"I want the message to be loud and clear. Put your car up on blocks because you are not going to be driving it if you do not pay these fines," Pallister says in a Friday press conference. 

Going forward, ticket amounts will be doubled for repeat offenders.

Pallister says investigations of previous protests are underway.

Close to 3,300 people have been authorized to hand out enforcement tickets with "boots on the ground."

Pallister says Manitoba has taken the lead on COVID-19 enforcement. He says Manitobans delayed the Third Wave because most have been following the health orders.

"Manitobans need to know how much I respect and thank them for that," the Premier says.

Pallister says the anti-mask and health order protests are disrespectful. He says it is difficult seeing Manitobans not follow the orders, saying it is an insult to those who have been following the orders.


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