Seven years ago, Will Gault was homeless. Today, for the first time, he opened his own business.

In 2011, Will Gault lost his home and his job after struggling with alcohol and turned to Siloam Mission for help. Thanks to resources he was able to access through Siloam, including those of Addictions Foundation Manitoba (AFM), in 2015 Gault became sober and turned his attention to providing for his family. Now, Gault is the father of a beautiful baby girl and looking forward to being married later this year.

willy dogs stand
"One thing I always kept near to me and close to me was to never lose hope, and there is a way out," Gault shared. "For me, there was a bright light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm glad I made that decision [to become sober] in 2015."

June will mark Gault's third year of sobriety, and today he opened his own hot dog cart, Willy Dogs, to the public.

"It's been a long journey, but it's been definitely rewarding and today is a big moment that finally I'm independently self-employed and on the right path," Gault said.

So far business has been slow, but Gault is hoping to see it pick up soon. He says the location is ideal next to one of Manitoba's largest hospitals, and although carts in the past have been inconsistent, he hopes to be a constant fixture, remaining on location Monday to Friday.

With a wide range of hot dog options, Willy Dogs is sure to appeal to a variety of preferences. "We have bison, we have jalepeno cheddar, italian, regular Smokey... and excellent toppings."

Willy Dogs is located on Tache Ave, directly accross from the St. Boniface Hospital.