Jordan Feliz's hit single, "Beloved" has inspired children's author Jes Woller to release a book by the same name to teach and remind children that they are loved.

In 2015, Feliz wrote the song for his firstborn baby girl, Jolie. This song then caught the attention of Jes Woller and illustrator Hilary Griffith who combined their talents together to write a children's book that is being released today. 

The book is a 24-page read-aloud storybook for children ages two to six years old, and it teaches them about finding their value in the love of Jesus rather than material things. 

In the book release announcement, Feliz says this to his daughter: "Jolie, my love. 'Beloved' started as a reminder for you. A telling of the simple truth that you are loved and cherished by the creator of the universe. It is my deepest desire that you would never forget that it is in Him where your worth is found. Now it is a prayer that we get to proclaim over our entire family and the world! I pray that everyone who reads this book would be reminded of God's love for them and that their identity in Him would be more solidified."

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Beloved is a story that follows a little girl named Jolie. She goes to the beach with her dad, who is illustrated as resembling Feliz, who tells her that she is "beloved" and spends the day having fun wondering what that word means. By the end of the book, the little girl and her dad return home, and he tells his daughter that he and her mom will always love her, but more importantly, that she is loved by Jesus.

"It was such a privilege to work on this project and offer a reminder to children that they are loved and cherished, regardless of circumstances or their own efforts,” says Woller. “'Beloved' is a beautiful song, and my prayer is that this book can further emphasize how much value God places on us and how deeply each one of us is beloved."

"We loved the song ‘Beloved’ since the first time we heard it," says Centricity Music's Director of Marketing and Communication, Kory Kenkel. "We knew it was a special story and we wanted to give it a new life and relevance even seven years after it was first released. Jes wrote such a lovely manuscript and Hilary brought it to life in a remarkable way. We’re very proud of who Jordan is, not just as an artist, but as a dad. We’re thrilled to be able to bring this special song to life in a unique way."

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Children's book called BelovedAvailable today!