It's been just over a week since the start of school, and for many, this time can be challenging.

Lucille Williams, a national speaker who has ministered to couples and families for more than 25 years and author of The Impossible Kid: Parenting a Strong-Willed Child with Love and Grace, says fear can be the biggest obstacle for both children and parents when entering a new season such as school.

"What ends up happening when parents don't want to talk about things, then they do it without their parents knowing, and it's now a secret," Lucille explains.

Williams says in her family, nothing was off limits.

Now when it comes to routine and getting back into the flow of things. One of the biggest things that Lucille says kept their schedules less busy is to pick up just one extracurricular activity.

"If you choose more than one, you're going like crazy. You're not sitting down."  

Lucille says one of the biggest steps to keep the family strong throughout the school year is to make sure you make time for one another.

"We had a thing. We always ate dinner together as a family," said Lucille. "We made our schedules work. Sometimes that meant we had dinner a little earlier or later than we wanted to, but we made it happen."

"If we fill up every moment of our day and we don't have that margin time to spend time with our family and kids, then we're going to miss it."

Today on Connections, Lucille shares how we can get through this season and overcome the fear that can arise.