The Sea of Galilee, where Jesus Christ once walked on water, was shrinking... until a rainy winter season came as an answer to prayer.

Years of only small amounts of rain and dry seasons bordering on drought had many worried about the life remaining in the biblical body of water. Only six months ago, it's outlook was bleak at best, CBN News reports.

Roni Manor from Kibbutz Ginnosar, or the western shore, on the Sea of Galilee is calling it a miracle.

“We have (had) a lot of rain and snow that come(s) from the Hermon Mountain," Manor said, stating that this year, they have received more than 600 millimetres, compared with their usual 350 millimetres. "It was a shock to the water in Israel."

The last time that the Sea of Galilee had this much water in it was over 10 years ago in 2008.

Manor says that it seems as if every time the water in the Sea gets too low, "somebody" steps in to help them out and replenish the body of water. With melting snow still contributing to raising water levels and streams filled to their brims, it certainly would appear that something of a miracle has brought the Sea of Galilee back from the dead.

Worship Boats that run on the Sea for tourists were unable to dock in November because of the incredibly shallow water levels. Daniel Carmel, who runs the company, says that tourists have never seen the Sea full.

Evaporation will decrease water levels this summer also, by around four or five feet. Uri Schor who is a spokesperson for Israel's Water Authority says extremely high summer temperatures, paired with low rainfall and high water consumption in the region mean that the Sea of Galilee isn't out of the woods yet.

Conservation and recycling water that has been used has played a key role in ensuring that Israel doesn't run dry, explained Schor.

“Without those two main new sources of water and, of course, conservation and stopping wasting water, that's the only way that we have water. By today, more than half of the water that is used for all sources in Israel is man-made water."

For now, it seems as if those in Israel will continue to pray to ensure that the water Jesus walked on remains so that the Sea of Galilee does not become the next Dead Sea.