Bowen Hammitt was born with just half a heart but today he's writing and releasing new music, just like his dad.

Growing up in a musical family set Bowen on the path to write, play, and sing music. His dad, Matt Hammitt, was the lead singer of Sanctus Real for 20 years. 

In April of this year, at only 10-years-old, Bowen released his second single and video on YouTube, "Heart Strong". His first single is called "Safe Right Here" and was released on July 28, 2019.

Born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, the left side of his heart is underdeveloped. Bowen's undergone three open-heart surgeries in his life.

When Bowen was born, the doctors told Matt and his wife Sarah that babies born with this syndrome don't have a long life expectancy. In fact, many children born with this particular syndrome die within the first two weeks of life. 

Therefore celebrating his tenth birthday recently was a milestone for the family. Mom, dad, and Bowen were recently on Good Morning America to talk about it. 

During the interview, Sarah says, "Maybe he will have 'til he's 30, maybe he'll live 'til he's 40. And now I'm starting to go maybe he will get married. I didn't ever think those things would happen. And now I'm starting to let my heart believe they could."

Bowen is one of four children in the Hammitt family. His first song, "Safe Right Here" features his whole family throughout the video. 

In young Bowen's latest song, he brings attention to heart conditions, noting 1 in 110 children born in the US has congenital heart disease. Other children with heart conditions are featured throughout the video.

The Hammitt family runs a non-profit called Whole Hearts Foundation, which helps families in the same situation.

A documentary on Bowen's struggles and third open-heart surgery called "Bowen's Heart" will premiere at the Nashville Film Festival in October.