Update (9:00 a.m.): The City of Winnipeg is pushing back the closure of a busy road.

Southbound Tache was originally slated to be closed from today until mid-March for construction work. The City of Winnipeg says that the closure will begin on December 12.

If St. Boniface is part of your daily commute, or you’re needing to get to St. Boniface hospital, you need to be aware of a big lane closure that begins today and lasts until at least the middle of March 2018.

Southbound Tache is being closed completely for road construction.  Only northbound traffic will be on Tache, so if you’re trying to get to the hospital or to the heart of St. Boniface off of Provencher, you’ll need to take an alternate route.

That also means area streets such as Rue Alneau, St. Jean Baptiste Street, and especially Des Meurons Street will likely see heavy volumes as people adjust their typical routes.

The closure of southbound traffic on Tache will stretch from Provencher Boulevard to Despins Street. The City of Winnipeg expects the closure to last until March 15, 2018.