Two women from the Pilots soccer team were named All-Americans for the NCCAA.

After finishing the season by winning the Northern Division Championships and going to the National Championships in South Carolina, two Providence Pilots players were named in the top  15 for the entire NCCAA.

Julika Phommarath and Courtney Engel found out yesterday over an email sent from their coach, Tory Walker.

"My face just lit up, it was like a Christmas Day present unwrapping kind of thing," Phommarath said. "It was a big smile and beaming eyes."

The award came out of nowhere, she said. This finishes off an incredible season where Phommarath picked up the NCCAA DII Women's Soccer Game Plan 4 Life Award, co-MVP of the MCAC, MCAC Futsal All-Conference Team, and was named a player of the week.

"My heart was content before but now it's like OK, now I can retire," Phommarath laughed.

In her fourth and final year of Providence, Phommarath still has one season of futsal left, which starts in January. She plans to start teaching after she graduates in 2018.

Engel is also in her final year of Pilots soccer, having played for three of the four.

"I'm going to be really sad missing the Prov experience, but I'm also ready to go on," Engel said.

Along with Phommarath, Engel was named one of the top 15 players in the entire NCCAA. She was also named one of the top 11 players in the NCCAA Division Two. The other two Pilots named to that were Phommarath, as well as Engel's younger sister.

"I can't even fully explain it, it was so awesome," Engel said. "It's good that I was able to play with her my last year."

Engel says that she is honoured to be nominated along with Phommarath since the team has always viewed her as an amazing player. 

Engel is already looking for recreational leagues to play soccer in after she graduates and isn't willing to give up the sport just yet.