Originally from Zimbabwe now living in southern Manitoba, Chiwaz is releasing a new single encouraging people to trust in God.

"[Life's] been busy," says Chiwaz. "Our firstborn girl, she's five. Then the two boys, a three-year-old and a one-year-old. The house is crazy right now but good. We love it though. I've been home for the past couple weeks and it's just been a great time with my kids."

Chiwaz shares that his children and wife are his biggest critics when it comes to his music, as well as his biggest support. 

"I think they see the heart behind it and who it's for, first and foremost. My oldest, she is like my executive producer, that's what I call her. When I see my family getting into a time of worship with me, it's great.

The singer's new single comes out ahead of a new album he's hoping to release in June. 

"My family, we're at a time of an emotional rollercoaster. There are moments where we're being challenged and moments where we're joyful. We just felt God say, through any of those seasons, there's love, peace, and joy."

Chiwaz encourages people that no matter the season they are in; whether in a hospital bed or standing on stage at their graduation; to remember that God is God.