Singer/songwriter Danny Plett of Steinbach recently returned from a visit to Ukraine to visit his cousin and his wife in Western Ukraine. 

And he talks about what it was like in that part of the country. 

“Young men are conscripted right off the streets to go into the war,” Plett recalls. “So, a young guy, you know, a 26-year-old guy could be walking down the street and the police pull up, they ticket him, and the ticket is ‘get to the front lines’ kind of a thing. So, they're all living with that. I saw that around me. Billboards, you know, big, huge billboards kind of boosting the morale of the people, all war oriented. You see some places with sandbags in front of certain buildings or entrances. Guards on bridges and things like that.” 

He says it was inspiring to see people helping each other during this time of war with Russia. 

Plett is calling for action; for us to donate to Ukraine and refugees, and to advocate. 

“We should maybe write our politicians and say ‘hey, we're aware of this situation. Make sure that these guys are getting the help that they need.’ They're really fighting a proxy war for us,” says Plett. “They're right on the front, they're fighting for the West.” 

Plett says Ukraine needs better weapons to fight this war with Russia, and he does not understand why it is taking so long for promised supplies to reach Ukraine.