Canadian Mennonite University is bringing back an elementary school habit, the City of Winnipeg is preparing people for "ruff" bike rides, and the world's longest rollerskating trail on a river is opening this spring.

No outdoor shoes at CMU

After years of fighting with students to keep their shoes on, it looks like a compromise has been found. 

Giving in to slippers, Canadian Mennonite University says they are implementing an indoor/outdoor shoes strategy.

"Students, faculty, staff, and guests should remove their outdoor shoes upon entering a building on campus," they tweet.The CMU Alumni account chimed in, saying to their community "please remember to bring their indoor shoes when returning to campus."

The school says shoe racks are being installed in all buildings.


Dog biking program from the City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg is partnering with WRENCH, giving dogs a chance to feel the wind between their ears.

"The new Dogs on Bikes Program is a therapeutic approach to animal rehabilitation that pairs canines with WRENCH cycling coaches and introduces them to the joys of bicycle transportation," Mayor Brian Bowman says in a statement.

They say the new program giving dogs bikes is "turning heads among animal lovers and cyclists."

Greg Allan, WRENCH Education Lead, says they will start the dogs with training wheels, of course, before letting them hit the open road and the city’s active transportation pathways.

“Dogs sometimes chase bikes, but now it's clear that it’s because they want to get on the bike to explore our city's new active transportation amenities. I was particularly impressed with the doggie bag seat attachment that maximizes the fun they’re able to have while keeping our pathways clean!”

The General Manager of Animal Services Leland Gordon is impressed with the " forward-facing fenders so tails don’t get caught in spokes."

Gordan says bikes will need to be catered to each dog bread, saying Pomeranians must use striders and Shepherd’s naturally need a higher sea.

The City has not said if large cats could apply to the program.

The only question remaining is: will they need to wear helmets?


World's longest floating rollerblading trail

Winnipeg's tourism department is also getting ready for summer fun, announcing a rolling on the river program.

“Rollerblades have been making a steady comeback over the years, and we want Winnipeg to take the lead in bringing back its popularity—particularly given it, like skating, is a great sport for social distancing” Economic Development Winnipeg president Dayna Spiring says.

Announcing the Economic Development Winnipeg (EDW) Assiniboine River RollerWay™, they say it will be 8.1 kms of rolling fun between the middle of the Assiniboine River from The Forks Harbour to the Assiniboine River Park Bridge. They are looking to break a record for world's longest floating rollerskate/inline skate track.

NHL Jet Blake Wheeler is set to be part of the ribbon-cutting.

They say the Forks is renting "new sanitary click-then-glide technology (sort of like a ski boot; there will not be blades available for rent with laces)."

All bikes, fat bikes, beach cruisers, mountain bikes, and unicycles, are not allowed on the new trail.

Lifejackets will be encouraged. 

If skaters need a break, floating cooling huts will be "strategically staged along the Assiniboine."


This post is fictional, sharing April Fools Day pranks from various places in Winnipeg.