As Canadians prepare to celebrate the nation's birthday this weekend, southern Manitoba is set for a weather rollercoaster from sunny beginnings to rainy endings.

Winnipeg & the Red River Valley

In Winnipeg, the weekend starts with promising clarity. Saturday dawns with early morning clearings, accompanied by a gentle north breeze gradually yielding to calm by late afternoon. Temperatures peak at a comfortable 19°C, though an expected UV index of 6 advises caution under the sun's glare. As night falls, the skies remain clear, inviting stargazers and night owls alike, with temperatures dipping to a cool 7°C and fog patches rolling in overnight.

Sunday promises brighter prospects with abundant sunshine dispelling morning fog. By midday, a southward breeze picks up to 20 km/h, promising a warmer high of 22°C and a UV index soaring to 7, signalling high sun exposure. Evening plans remain under clear skies with temperatures stabilizing around 13°C.

However, the holiday itself, Monday, July 1, brings a change in tune. Rain is forecasted to sweep through the city, dampening outdoor festivities with a high of 18°C. By nightfall, showers linger, ensuring a wet close to the celebratory weekend with temperatures holding steady at 16°C.

Steinbach & the southeast

In Steinbach, a similar pattern emerges with a touch of morning showers on Saturday yielding to clear skies and gentle northern breezes.

The city anticipates a high of 19°C and a UV index of 6 before a calm night with clear skies and the onset of fog patches with temperatures dipping to 8°C.

Sunday unfolds in full glory with fog patches dissipating under the warming sun, setting the stage for a radiant 22°C day under a very high UV index of 8. The clear, calm evening promises a low of 13°C.

Monday's forecast mirrors Winnipeg's with rain anticipated and highs of 18°C, followed by evening showers and a low of 16°C.

Pembina Valley

Across the Pembina Valley in Winkler, Saturday sees a clean sweep of showers early, giving way to clear skies and light winds from the north.

The town's 19°C high and UV index of 6 makes for a pleasant start to the weekend, while overnight, clear skies continue with fog patches forming and temperatures falling to 8°C.

Sunday emerges radiant with sunshine and dissipating fog patches, while southern winds pick up to 20 km/h, gusting up to 40 km/h by afternoon. Expect a high of 22°C under a UV index of 8, followed by a serene, starry night at 12°C.

On Monday, rain and gusty winds are expected, with daytime highs of 18°C and evening showers maintaining temperatures at 16°C.

Portage la Prairie & Central Plains

In Portage la Prairie, the Central Plains region anticipates a weekend of unbroken sunshine on Saturday, complemented by gentle northern breezes and a high of 19°C. As night falls, clear skies persist with fog patches and temperatures dropping to 8°C. Sunday unfolds similarly, with morning fog dissipating under sunny skies and a brisk southerly wind reaching 20 km/h, gusting to 40 km/h by afternoon. Highs of 22°C under a UV index of 8 beckon outdoor enthusiasts, with clear, calm conditions prevailing into the evening at 12°C.

Monday's forecast echoes Winnipeg's and Steinbach's, with rain and gusty winds predicted, daytime highs of 18°C, and evening showers keeping temperatures at 16°C.

Brandon & Westman

Meanwhile, in Brandon's Westman region, Saturday greets residents with clear skies and a north wind at 20 km/h, subsiding to light breezes by morning's end. A high of 19°C and a UV index of 6 frame a sunny day perfect for outdoor pursuits, with nightfall bringing clear skies, fog patches, and temperatures dipping to a crisp 5°C.

Sunday shines brightly with morning fog lifting to reveal a sunny day, as southeastern winds pick up to 20 km/h, gusting to 40 km/h near noon. Expect a high of 23°C and a UV index of 7, with evening showers anticipated and temperatures holding at 12°C.

Monday's weather mirrors the region's neighbouring forecasts, with daytime showers and a high of 21°C, followed by evening showers and a low of 14°C.