If you own a home in Winnipeg, your taxes will be on the rise with the city's latest budget.

The city's preliminary 2016 budget includes a 2.33 per cent increase to property taxes, plus increases to frontage levy and some other new fees.

For the property tax increase, the average homeowner will pay about $33 more on a house valued at $288,000. The frontage levy rate will add $1.10 per foot of frontage on your property, meaning a 50-foot-wide yard will be charged $55 more this year. 

Winnipeg's waste collection fees are also on the rise, jumping one dollar to $57 annually.

Another fee to watch for is a proposed 911 fee, a flat fee that would be added to every phone bill in the city to cover the cost of 911 services. City Council has not said what the fee might cost, and it is still being considered.

In addition, anyone paying a water bill could see their rates rise as well - a new report headed to a City committee this week proposes three years of hikes to water rates that would see a family of four pay about $92 more in 2016, with similar increases in 2017 and 2018.