Like most kids, you've probably thought to yourself while kicking back on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, "Man, it would be great to have Christmas all the time." However, unlike most kids, you quickly realize that's a rather silly notion and, if you're even more self-aware, that it's a rather selfish notion.

But Thanksgiving, which we took time to celebrate a little less than two weeks ago, is another story. Thanksgiving might be strongly associated with Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, and the company of those you love, it's more fundamentally about being grateful for the things we have, not just the food and family we enjoy on that day, but everything good that permeates the rest of our lives.

Out of that grows a realization that we need to share what we have with those that don't have it, and  that truly IS something we should we could all have all year round.

The work of Union Gospel Mission, like many other organizations working in the inner city, gets a massive spike in donations every year around this time, before and after thanksgiving. The spirit of the month rubs off on us well, so UGM is asking churches in Winnipeg to join it in creating a cascading mexican wave of that idea to keep food and goods rolling in on a regular basis.

The initiative is called "Thanksgiving Every Month." Here is UGM's Executive Director Greg Stezky talking about what's happened.

To get involved, you can contact Union Gospel Mission directly at 204-943-9904 or you can email them at