Dr. Trevor Clark from Connect Chiropractic says that there are four genetic requirements the body has for health. 

By creating some small habits we can begin to live, and feel, better. "We can help our bodies thrive, instead of just survive," Dr. Clark says.

Move Well

Our bodies are created to move. There are numerous positive benefits from simply going for a brisk 30-minute walk three or four times a week.

Simple lifting and resistance training will also provide us with plenty of benefits. This can help prevent disease like osteoporosis. 

And not only were our bodies created to move, but they were created to move fast. Add activities to your life that keep you moving quickly and getting your heart rate up, whether that's something like jogging, hockey, or anything that gets you moving faster over some short amounts of time.

Eat Well

Sometimes simply the thought of eating well can be a struggle for many because we think of all the things that we need to take away from our lives. Things like junk food, processed foods, etc. This is a "negative" view, Dr. Clark says and is why it can be difficult.

Instead, he suggests, think about starting by simply adding a few positive things. Things like adding some fresh fibre, such as some fruits or vegetables. If you have some snacks like that cut up and ready to go for when you get a craving you'll begin to fill up on those healthy options, and the unhealthy options simply get moved to the side. 

Think Well

How we think has a big impact on our lives. Mental & emotional stress can and does affect our nervous system and posture. 

As a Christian Dr. Clark especially sees how this is important. "Having a purpose for your life and something to work towards" helps in our thinking.

Again, our mental and emotional health can affect our posture, which in turn affects our spine and nervous system. In busy or stressful seasons of life it's wise to try and slow down and refocus on what's important.

Dr. Clark says he was once told, "Jesus was busy, but he was never in a hurry."

Power Well 

Dr. Clark says, “Insert ‘chirporactic’ here … through stresses of modern life, we live in a very artificial life. We lack community like tribes used to live in. Like the Israelites for instance. And they lived out in the world - in nature. There are stresses every day; physical such as sitting at a computer, emotional like loss of a loved one, or disliking our job, etc.

If that goes on for months, or even years, that can affect our posture.

Things like smoking, excessive alcohol intake, diets high in processed foods - all those stresses affect your posture. This is where Chiropractic can help. It’s about removing those blockages from your nervous system by re-aligning your spine and getting your posture back on track so that your body can self-heal and self-regulate. When it functions better, symptoms tend to improve or go away.

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