FINAL TOTAL: $121,337.18

Over the course of three days, we heard incredible stories from the staff at Siloam Mission, as well as testimonials from patrons about how their lives have changed for the better thanks to Siloam.

What started as a small soup kitchen in the late 1980s has now grown into a large mission with several buildings and programs to help transition people experiencing homelessness, getting them into housing, jobs, and support programs. And it's all been made possible only because of the generosity of Manitobans like you.

Super Lube Auto Centres along with an anonymous donor gave $45,000 towards matching funds to begin the radiothon and our listeners responded with donations coming in as soon as we began. Things never settled down much, and as the stories were told two more anonymous donors stepped forward on the final day, each giving another $10,000 to go towards matching funds.

People gave what they could, whether it was $10 or $1,000, and Siloam Mission was especially thankful.

"So many donors have really come through and blown us away with their generosity," says Luke Thiessen, the Communications Manager at Siloam Mission.

"It's just been overwhelming to see so much support," he says. And, it's not too late to donate! If you never got a chance to donate towards the Change Happens radiothon you can donate online, HERE.

"If you find it in your heart to give, please do," Thiessen says. "It makes a huge difference and seeing it all in one place with this radiothon is such a huge encouragement to us, to all of our staff, and to our community members. It's just so incredible."