The Color is finding a new way to choose which songs will go on their newest album, and it includes a panel of fans.

Posted to their Facebook page, the band poses the question, "If we created a panel of people to help us pick our album, would you want to be on that panel?"

In a clarifying comment on the thread, the reason for this interesting approach is the fact that they have too many songs to choose from. A good problem for any band to have.

"In terms of where the idea came from, there are two factors. The first is this approach we have with fan engagement. That comes from the child in us as we say, 'What would we have liked our favourite bands to do?" says Jordan Janzen, lead singer of The Color. 

"The second part is that when we were writing this record over the course of that year and a half, as we got from 30 to 60 songs, we recognized we'd have a really difficult time deciding what should be on this album."

Within 15 hours of posting, the band received over 60 comments from fans willing to participate, including an eight-year-old who 'knows all their songs'. 

"We're going to create a panel from some of our fans, to have an opportunity to be apart of it," says Janzen.

The Color has garnered attention from all over North America, with someone commenting in Ontario and another from Wyoming.

The band is hoping to put together this panel within the next week or two, therefore narrowing down the number of songs for a suitable album.

"The plan is to release this album in 2021."