While it is another online music tour, The Color is hoping to give fans a more intimate, story-telling experience with their latest event. 

"The Impact of Music Tour is really about the impact that music has had on our lives. So we're going to be taking five weeks to share these shows. Each one features a different person," says Jordan Janzen, the frontman of the Manitoba band. 

Their first episode went live on the band's YouTube page on Tuesday, August 31. Each episode is free to the public. 

"We're looking at the lives of us as a band as well as some of our fans, just telling stories and including songs that have impacted us," says Janzen.

The shows were shot in Manitoba in July over the course of a week and then produced for the tour event in September. 

"Each show is going to be premiering each week on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 pm Central and then those are going to live on YouTube for a while so you can go back and watch them."

The first episode was about Janzen and his testimony, which also featured an interview with his parents on their homestead in Southern Manitoba. While Janzen grew up on a farm, music has been in his blood from birth, as his parents were in a Christian rock band before he was even born. 

"We share a song that my parents and I wrote together. It is really just looking at my history, how it all started, how it's going, and everything in between," says Janzen. 

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The Tuesday series will be about a band member's story, while the Thursday's event will share a fan's story and how The Color's music has impacted their life. 

"The first fan episode, it's from a gentleman named Vince Kehler, from Blumenort. He's an incredible man who's experienced some hardship. We met in a season of difficulty for him and it's very interesting with God's timing how we are reconnecting now."

Janzen says the whole experience has been an encouragement to him to continue on. 

"We feel honoured and privileged to be a part of people's stories. When we reached out and said 'hey, do you want to be a part of this' it was kind of nerve-wracking. We were pleasantly surprised to see people respond to it. We don't feel worthy."