Local band The Color performed for a dedicated crowd in Ontario during a three-day evangelical event.

Thousands gathered to hear the words of Christ delivered by Will Graham in Belleville, Ontario during the Billy Graham Evangelical Association (BGEA) Quinte Celebration of Hope earlier this month.

The event, which began October 4, 2019, and lasted for three days, saw hundreds make the personal decision to accept Jesus as their saviour.

Beginning with KidzFest, over 150 children committed their lives to Christ. Hundreds of families were also exposed to the message of the Gospel.

Children were also treated to a time of floor hockey alongside Will Graham, who says, "You guys have the best place to preach in—hockey arenas!"

A time of worship through music continued the celebration into the weekend, for which over 2,000 were in attendance, BGEA reports. Artists Brooke Nicholls and The Afters performed alongside Manitoba boys The Color, guiding the audience into a dedicated time of worship.

Jordan Janzen, lead singer for The Color took the opportunity during the event to share his own personal story of struggle with those in attendance. For four years, Janzen and his wife, Gwendolyn, had tried unsuccessfully to become pregnant.

"It was really hard," the musician admitted to the crowd. But despite those difficulties, the never-ending goodness of God is what still remains present in Janzen's mind.

"God reminded us of His presence," he said, concluding by sharing a happy ending to his story - the birth of his daughter.

Ontarian Brook Nicholls felt right at home on stage in her home province, while The Afters lead vocalist Josh Havens remarked, "This might be the best crowd of the whole year," during the event.

According to BGEA, leaders from local churches began prayerfully preparing for the celebration two years in advance. More than 500 prayer warriors were present during the event to provide prayer and support for those in attendance and participating in the celebration.

The entire event marked a time of thanksgiving for those in attendance, the first time Graham had preached in the Quinte region in 11 years.

Despite his long absence, Graham shared his joy at participating in the event. "I just love coming to Canada," he shared.

During the event, Graham preached on the story of the Prodigal Son found in Luke 15, encouraging those listening to run into the arms of God. "Everything you're looking for in life is found in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ," he says.