A Manitoba band brings 'colorful' tones with their new single spreading the simple message that you are loved. 

"We're releasing our first single off this album. It's called 'After My Heart' and it's a little bit different than the stuff we released in the past," says Jordan Janzen, lead singer of The Color.

The video premiere happens on February 12 in Canada at 8:00 pm CST on YouTube. The video was recorded during the band's time of quarantine. 

"This song is a great reminder about God's pursuit of us. This reality that He's not waiting for you or I to fix our problems first. We go through life trying to be good enough or look good enough and that can be so exhausting."

While The Color has four band members, only two members have a hand in the writing process.

"God wants our obedience but He's not after perfection. He's after our heart. That's what this song is about and I think it's a really uplifting reminder. So often we can be leading these lives that are filled with guilt and we forget that God actually just really loves you."

The group got permission to record and quarantine together last November. 

"We ended up at my parent's farm and studio. They took off and we had this time where we were able to bring somebody up from Nashville. We picked him up and went immediately into quarantine for 14 days and spent those 14 days recording our new record."

What could be some people's nightmare Janzen parallels to a dream come true. 

"It was like 12-15 hour days and we were in our element. We were able to have a blast with each other and we hadn't seen each other for a very long time."

The producer came from Nashville, originally from Australia and he had never been to Canada in the winter. 

"He loved it. Every day he'd walk outside and it was snowing and he said, 'It's like a winter wonderland.'"

The band has been putting out Christian music for the past nine years. 

"This is more than music and we truly believe that. It would have ended a long time ago if it wasn't. We're excited for what lies ahead."

There is no date yet on when the new album will be released in full.