A man best known for his time on the stage with DC Talk and Toby Mac has passed away. 

Gabriel Patillo was a multi-talented man, who by the age of ten, was dancing onstage alongside DC Talk. He also performed in music videos for Brentwood Music and worked as a theatre kid for Opryland, all before age 15. 

As he grew into an adult, and with inspiration from his father, who was also in the entertainment business, Gabriel joined TobyMac's Diverse City team, singing background vocals, choreographing, dancing and co-producing tours. 

On Friday, April 12, Patillo passed away following a battle with cancer. TobyMac quickly took to social media to let the world know how much he respected Gabe. 

"I wish everyone knew Gabe Patillo," said TobyMac in a post on social media. "I wish everyone could walk with him, get challenged by him, collaborate with him, laugh with him, pray with him, meditate on scripture with him and be loved by him."

He says his impact would help anyone become a better person.

"You would learn to care for others. You would learn to listen. You would hear the hard truth delivered compassionately. You would not get by with foolishness, but you’d laugh with joy till your belly hurt," said TobyMac. "You would learn that we can see things differently, but still have respect for one another."

Patillo leaves behind his wife and three children. He also leaves to mourn him, his brother, mother and father. 

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Gabe's family as they move forward without him. 

All funds raised will go to help his wife, Jenni, navigate financial items such as medical, living and educational expenses.