Instead of flashing amber at night, Winnipeg's traffic signals will stay on at all hours of the day.

The City of Winnipeg says it is changing its traffic light system to improve pedestrian safety. Previously, in the early hours of the morning,  late at night, and in some instances during the day on weekends, traffic lights would not operate normally and instead flash amber and red.

“When these traffic signals were in flash mode the pedestrian signal, including the visual walk sign and audible sounds, were inactive,” Greg Blatz, Supervisor of Traffic Signal Timing says. “This made for potential difficulties and safety issues for pedestrians wanting to cross the roadway.”

Initially created to reduce delays for motorists, the City says they are changing the system to protect pedestrians.

Not all of the 185 intersections will be changing though. Blatz says some will remain.

“At a small number of locations where traffic volumes are particularly low, we will be programming a red/red flash mode, depending on the characteristics of the intersection."

The flashing red lights will require motorists to treat the intersection as a four-way stop.

These changes came into effect Thursday morning.

The City says it will be fine-tuning these changes throughout the next few months.