After giving their students an ear-worm, MBCI is sharing how it's taking a catchy tune and making it relevant to their current situation.

Hamilton's "You'll Be Back" has been playing through the minds of teenagers all-summer long on apps such as TikTok, and on Monday, MBCI's Vice Principal joined the fun.

"Our students and staff have been humming this tune since yesterday’s Monday Morning Live, so we figured we’d get a few more people hooked on it as well," the school says in its Instagram post.

Students watched their Vice Principal, Jessica Boese, dance and sing to the popular song 

"We are back, it's been strange. You might see the school's been rearranged," Boese sings.

Highlighting the changes with their mascot in tow, Boese's light tone shares all of the changes the school has gone through.

"We know it's frustrating, the gym's outside and its raining. We're sick of COVID training, we have to stop complaining because we are in this, together."

The pair wander around the school, highlighting changes such as following the arrows (which their mascot does not do but is wearing a mask) and sanitizing. 

mbci hall(Screenshot: MBCI/Instagram)

"Thank you Ms. Boese for reminding us that “When push comes to shove, I will wear my mask and keep my distance to remind you of my love!” MBCI writes on Instagram.

The video has a dozen positive comments and over 500 views.