Rose Church in Transcona is making melodies once again with the release of another worship song written by the church's own worship team.

'Your Voice'  hit streaming platforms on Feb. 16 and Pastor Mark Roslund is excited for people outside the congregation to hear their third song.

"Our team is incredible. They're such amazing musicians, but they're even better worshippers if that makes sense. They just love Jesus and they're writing these songs for our house," Roslund shares, explaining that it was a long time in the making, but was worth the wait.

"We've been working on this song for a little bit here, but we're established as a community. I think we're a little more aware of our sound. I think we didn't just put out a song. It was very intentional and very specific, the song even being written has a unique story. And so I think that's what makes it special."

Sharing the unique heart behind this song, Roslund says, "We want to see people become big on the inside, so that leads us to empower people and give them lots of opportunities. Last year there was a young leader in our community and we gave her the opportunity to preach. It was her first time preaching a sermon, but she emcees for us."

It was from that sermon of a young first-time preacher, that the new single, 'Your Voice' was born. 

"She quoted and used a song, and that song is what influenced the lyrics of this song. One of our worship team leaders was just so impacted by that message and the words, the declaration of that song, that he's like, 'Hey, I gotta take this and turn it into music that we can just keep singing over our church.'" 

Roslund shares that recording the song, wasn't the original plan. They simply wanted a song for their congregation to sing together.

"That's how songs always start. This isn't meant to be recorded. We're gonna write a song for our community, for our house, and if something more comes of it, then great."

Worship is something that Rose Church senses is intimate, which is why writing their own songs has become a priority for the congregation. 

"It's in this corporate space and I feel like churches go through seasons together and we're a family. We're doing different things. Maybe we have a broad reach, maybe we don't."

The pastor recognizes that worship has the power to ultimately bring the congregation together through any situation

"I feel like even this past week for our community, there's been a lot of pain, a lot of suffering, a lot of loss. So there's there's a sense of grief. And so when you go through these seasons together as a community to just kind of pull songs [from other worship artists] and create a set list, I think that is missing it."

Through any of the songs the church produces, Roslund has one goal. 

"I think to be able to know, here's where our community's at. Let's write content. Let's create these lyrics. Let's make this song that is going to lead our people. So I think it's the difference between singing a song and using music to lead people into God's presence. And we really see it as a teaching opportunity."