Canadians have a big part to play when it comes to the online exploitation of children, and International Justice Mission (IJM) is shedding a light on what is being done to end it. 

"On June 12, Philippine Independence Day, we have a virtual trip to the Philippines," says David Pollendine, National Director of Mobilization and Advocacy for International Justice Mission (IJM) Canada. "Most people would never be able to go, they haven't got the time or the money, so we have an hour-long trip to meet the staff and hear about the work they are doing to tackle the sexual exploitation of children."

One of the people speaking during the virtual event is Zoe who is a survivor of Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC). She now works with IJM to help children escape the life she survived. 

"She'll be sharing her story and it's almost six years to the day since she was rescued. You'll see years that the locust ate that the Lord has restored."

The fact remains, that half a million children from the Philippines are caught in OSEC right now. Canada has a part to play in that it ranks number two in the amount of people purchasing these videos and images from children in the Philippines, as there are not strict enough online laws. 

"We've teamed up with the government and actually had a meeting with them in Ottawa recently. We're calling on the government to actually do something about it, to collaborate with civil society, with NGO's, to strengthen laws to protect children online and to make sure perpetrators get the proper sentencing."

For anyone interested in the upcoming virtual tour of the Philippines put on by IJM, they can register for the free event here