Although both sisters are taking it easy until they give birth next month, CAIN is releasing a fun music video showing just how blessed they are. 

The band of siblings released their first full-length album in 2021, titled Rise Up. It has 10 songs on it, including 'I'm So Blessed.'

CAIN has risen quickly in the CCM realm. Their single 'Rise Up (Lazarus)' became a top 10 hit, until it reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Airplay Chart last year. It stayed there for four weeks straight. 

The year 2022 has been very busy for the band, Logan became a dad for the first time when his wife gave birth to a daughter. Logan's sisters Taylor and Madison both announced they were expecting their first child and both are due in August. 

Last week Taylor had some pre-term labour which ended her up in the hospital. Thankfully all was well with mom-to-be and the baby, but both ladies are taking time off from touring until they give birth. 

The band also announced they found replacements as the ladies rest in their third trimester. 

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"Everyone meet Jenna and Zoe," says CAIN on Facebook on July 12. "They are a new worship duo so graciously stepping in to help us with our final summer shows (while we await the arrival of our babies)! You will be amazed by their voices!"