When we announced that Jamie Grace was hosting a "White Boots Talk 'N Tell", did you wonder why it was called white boots? Did you wonder if she would host the Talk 'N Tell while wearing white boots? 

 Well, wonder no more. We have the answer! Its based on her new song of the same name. We get to hear some of Jamie's country roots in her fresh and fun take on purity in relationships. The idea for the song came from a conversation she had with Manwell from Group 1 Crew when he tried to give her dating advice. 

"White Boots" one of the many great songs on Jamie's new album, and she shared her thoughts on  "Ready to Fly":

 “I have a deeper relationship with the Lord now, and I talk to Him about even more stuff than I did when I was younger. It’s cool to get to share a little bit more of my diary pages, but I am also excited because there are a lot of songs on this record still that are giddy and show my quirky personality.”

Jamie Grace is coming to Winnipeg September 19th for the "Jesus Army Alive Conference". Find out more about the concert and how to purchase tickets here.