A lot is going on in Jordan St. Cyr's world, including the release of a new music video, moving to the U.S.A earlier this year, and an announcement of him coming back to Manitoba this summer to play a show. 

When asked about how the move to Murfreesboro, Tennessee has been on Jordan and his family, he says, "So we've been here five months and the first three months were tough."

St. Cyr moved his family down south at the beginning of February, with his wife, Heather, and their four children. 

"Emery had a bought of seizures," says St. Cyr about his youngest daughter who battles Sturge Weber Syndrome. "I was in San Antonio when I got the call and Heather said, 'I'm calling the ambulance.' That was hard. We're navigating the U.S. health care system, kind of trial-by-fire."

Coming through those three months has been a hurdle for the family, but they've found a groove in their new home and community.

"We're really loving it now. We found our community, the people on the block that we love hanging out with. We found a local church that we love being a part of."

St. Cyr released his self-titled album on March 4, 2022. On Tuesday, July 12, he released the music video for one of the singles, 'No Matter What.'

"This song is in so many ways kind of a bookend to our story that we've been sharing through 'Fires' and 'Weary Traveler.' You go through a circumstance and it doesn't always resolve the way you hope. This song is really a heart of worship back to God saying, 'God, you are faithful.' It takes the weight off of me trying to figure everything out, the 'whys.'"

St. Cyr and his family will be coming back to Manitoba later this summer. 

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"We're so excited. We are playing Harvest Fest in Winkler on August 14. I'm doing a festival in Nashville at the end of July and from that festival, we are driving back home and we'll spend a couple of weeks in Canada."

For the next 10 weeks, each Tuesday St. Cyr is taking to Instagram live to break down the songs on his new album, including the song 'No Matter What.' St. Cyr will be sharing his fall touring schedule and announcing who he'll tour with shortly. 

"I'm standing with God because He is for me, He is faithful, and never lets me go."