In an ode to being a father, Matthew West's latest single and music video portrays the love of a father for his daughter. 

"I always say that there’s a piece of my girls in every song I write," says West in an interview. "But some songs hit even closer to home for me. This is one of those songs."

West's new single 'Before You Ask Her' was released Friday, June 10. 

"God blessed me with two daughters, and while I’m far from a perfect parent, this song represents my heart for my girls and my prayer for the kind of man they deserve in their lives someday. Someone who will, as the song says, 'always let her know that her voice matters.'"

The single has the feeling of being that song played at weddings for years to come, especially during a father/daughter dance. 

"If you know me, you know that there's no greater joy in my life than raising my daughters and witnessing their love for Jesus," says West on Facebook. "My new song, "Before You Ask Her", is a recognition of how much my girls mean to me and how much love and appreciation they deserve.

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