Two sets of brothers have found themselves with an accidental music ministry that's been reaching millions of people.

The Christian Post spoke with the Redeemed Quartet, made up of Ben Duncan, 25, his brother Nate, 23, and brothers Caleb, 25, and Josh Koble, 23. The young men are from rural Indiana and perform hymns and southern gospel songs that most would think appeal to older generations.

“We grew up listening to that style of singing,” Caleb Koble says. Ben Duncan adds, “gospel or country quartet is pretty much where you’re going to hear four-part male harmony the most, and that’s something we specialize in.”

Both of the fathers to the two sets of brothers are pastors, and the boys grew up as close family friends.

When they attended a southern gospel convention in 2014 they say a number of people kept asking them if they were a singing group, the Christian Post reports.

They decided to form a group after praying, believing "God might be behind those nudges, and practiced for a year before going public. They couldn't read music and never had vocal training."

“We had a lot of fun hollering around in our attic in the beginning,” Nate Duncan says. "I’m sure we thought we were a lot better than we were. … Listening to the stuff we did, if we knew then what we know now, we probably never would have kept singing."

Since performing their first concert in 2014 they've released three albums, and have amassed millions of views on their YouTube channel.

“A lot of times, I feel like, as Christians, we tend to shy away from it ... but true love warns,” Ben Duncan says. “Yes, we can show love and give comfort in those tough times, but also, we must not shy away from ‘today is the day of salvation.’”

The quartet has just released their version of the classic hymn 'It Is Well With My Soul,' from their upcoming album Timeless Classics.