Students and staff at Westwood Collegiate completed a successful project this week, but it didn't involve pen and paper.

Instead, a duck decided to nest near an empty compost bin in the school's courtyard, leading the school to devise a plan to get the mother duck and her babies back to their natural habitat. 

This meant the ducklings and their mother would have to travel through the school to get them back on track to the river. 


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Students and staff used desks, recycling bins, easels and other blockades to create a safe and guided path from the courtyard, through the school and out the front doors.

Students captured the feat on video, watching as the ducks made their way through the maze.


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There was plenty of feedback after the videos were posted, with one person saying she took her kids for a tour through school to show them where they could go if they worked hard in school.

"Just showing the young ones what lies ahead, " said another person. 

 The last video posted shows the mother and her young ducklings successfully making their way out the front door.