Normally the sign outside of a church is one of the first things you see. Abundant Life Baptist Church in Transcona is hoping that its sign will start to stir curiosity in people as they drive by, and possibly lead them to Jesus.

Putting the phrase, "Google it!" up on their sign then followed by a song lyric, leaders at the church are hoping that those who pass by will search out the lyrics, which will ultimately point them to Christ.

Those who pass by the church on Plessis Road this week will read a lyric from Jordan Feliz's, 'Jesus is Coming Back.'

"I wanted to speak to people and spark some thought and curiosity," Rodney Neufeld, the director of youth ministries, Night Church, and community outreach, shared with CHVN.  

Neufeld says that the idea to move from having basic church activity information, or funny sayings on the sign, began with encouraging people not to fear and to search up what the Bible says about fear and worry during the pandemic. 

"It was really interesting, because we had a person come into the church, hand us an envelope and say 'Thank you.' There was this letter on how our signs had been really encouraging to them in their walk of faith," he said.

Neufeld said that he and the rest of the church staff were caught off guard, and they realized "[the sign] is being read and there's an effect," he says.

That caused Neufeld to think about how he could go another step and make it even more interactive. Thus, the Google lyrics idea was born.

"They see it, they Google it, hopefully not as they're driving, and they get this song that's encouraging." Neufeld explained that making people curious and then having them surprised by songs of encouragement is good for anybody, whether they're a Christian or not.

"I will use any tool at my disposal to forward the Gospel," he continued.

When asked if he could share what the next one would say, Neufeld wasn't giving any sneak peeks. "Nope," he said.

Watch the full interview below.