A missionary who was shot in an attempted home invasion on the weekend is facing reconstructive surgery and may be left with a bullet lodged in his lung. He and his family are not only grateful for the prayers they've received, but are also asking that people will pray that the intruders "will come to know the forgiveness and new life that Jesus offers."

Arlen Isaak was shot in the shoulder Friday night when at least three men showed up at his family's home. Nobody else was injured in the incident.

"Arlen is stable and well," his wife Cynthia writes in a Facebook post on Saturday evening. When Arlen was shot the bullet ricocheted into his lung. Cynthia says the bullet may stay there. "They are still draining the blood out of his lung. They have decided not to remove the bullet because it would be too risky."

The bullet shattered the bones in his shoulder and it was originally believed surgery would take place immediately to repair the damage. However, that's not the case, Cynthia says. "The reconstruction of his shoulder is going to have to be performed by a specialized team of surgeons and Arlen will need prosthetics."

The family says they have been overwhelmed with support and prayers from around the world. "In the last few hours, God has raised up His people in astonishing ways," Cynthia says. "From journalists to policemen, to doctors, nurses, social workers, pastors and friends around the world... God is working!"

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In a video posted to Cynthia's Facebook story, Arlen thanks everyone that has been praying for the family. "Thank you guys so much. We just rest in God's sovereignty and plan, what He has going, and thank you guys for being a part of that."

Arlen asks that people continue to pray for not only his healing but for his family as well as they recover from the traumatic incident.

Cynthia shared a number of prayer requests that they have at this time:

While I can't share exact details yet:
A tentative surgery plan is rapidly coming together in truly astounding and ways that only God could do.

Pray for:
1. Wisdom and speed in decisions
2. Fluid communication between God's army of people.
3. Peace that only God can give in traumatic situations - especially for my children.
4. Logistics in the midst of Covid restrictions.
5. That the man who shot my husband (along with those who were with him) will come to know the forgiveness and new life that Jesus offers.

"Thank you, Family of God for truly being the hands and feet of Jesus here on this planet," Cynthia says. "So beautiful. May we take the love and life of Jesus to those who don't know Him yet!'