Brandon Lake's highly anticipated new album, Coat of Many Colors, is officially out.

The 16-track album, Lake's third studio album, was released on Friday.   

"I've always resonated with the story of Joseph and the coat of many colours," said Lake. "We're all clothed in a coat of many colours. We are all favoured by the Father, and the beautiful thing about being favoured by the Father is how His coat of many colours covers all the shame and sin of our past, present and future. How we often see ourselves isn’t how He sees us. When I see my sins, He sees His son. How amazing is it that He loves every single one of us unconditionally?! You, friend, are the apple of His eye!"

Brandon's last album focused on mental health. This new project focuses on the experiences, truths and stories that Lake has experienced throughout his life, helping him grow in his faith and relationship with Jesus.

"This album reminds me of the wonderful things that God has done for me,' said Lake in a social media post.

The 5x Grammy award winner recently had a successful night at the 2023 GMA Dove Awards, picking up a total of four awards, including Artist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Worship Recorded Song of the Year and Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year.