At just 11-years-old, one local boy is helping make a difference by cleaning up other people's trash on a walking path that is parallel to the Seine River. 

Luka Gray and his family love being outdoors and often go for walks or ride their bikes along the Seine River. 

After doing that a few times this summer, Luka got inspired when he saw a lot of garbage along the walkway. He felt that something needed to be done and then took action.

"I was watching this YouTube video and it was showing how they wanted to make a difference. It then inspired me to do it," says Gray.

He aspires to be a conservation officer when he grows up. 

Luka Gray, just 11-years-old and helping the community by picking up trash(Save Our Seine River Environment Inc./Facebook)

His parents are quite proud of their son, showing such initiative. To be sure Luka was safe doing this, especially during a pandemic, his mother bought him a trash picker stick so that he wouldn't be touching any of the garbage with his bare hands. 

Gray encourages anyone who wants to make the world a better place to start small.