It's a part of Canadian winters: running out to start the car and letting it warm up. However, Winnipeg Police Services sent out a reminder yesterday warning the public to not leave their cars warming up with the keys in them.

While the frigid temperatures of late might make the thought of having a warm vehicle while you head to work tempting, an unattended vehicle running with keys in them, even if it's locked, is simply too tempting for would-be thieves. "It's an open invitation if somebody's walking past, and if they're cold and want to get out of there, or want to take you vehicle for a ride, then that vehicle is very appealing for them," explains Constable Jay Murray of the WPS.

Winnipeg sees an increase in stolen vehicles with keys in them being stolen in the winter and is what prompted the WPS to release an advisory this week. "Yes, there is an increase due to people leaving their vehicles running; and yes, it may be cold, but it definitely increases the chance of your vehicle being stolen," Murray said.

Constable Murray recommends either investing in command start for your vehicle or simply waiting to start it until you're ready to leave. Recently as many as 85% of cars stolen had keys in the ignition, or within reach inside the vehicle, according to stats released by Manitoba Public Insurance.

You can listen to the whole interview with Constable Jay Murray on today's Morning Refresh below. We asked if we could start the car and then lock it with another set of keys: