Canada's armed forces are continuing an annual tradition of giving kids a chance to speak directly with Santa.

The 38 Signal Regiment was at Maple Leaf School in Winnipeg today, where kids from junior kindergarten to grade six got to speak with Santa using radio communications equipment.

Master Corporal Alan Haley says they've got a direct line to the jolly big man.

"Within Winnipeg here we're fortunate to have the Arctic Response Company Group for 38 Brigade. They do a lot of training with us up north and the last time they were up there we dropped Santa a radio and he's kept it ever since," says Haley.

Kids also got to check out a helmet and a gas mask inside a green army tent.

38 sig santa

In addition to Santa, Haley says it's a chance for the armed forces to do some public outreach.

Grade two students Kingsley, Akshara, Nathan, and Jack all thought it was fun. Kingsley asked Santa for Heelies, Akshara asked for a Barbie doll house, Jack wants a Beyblade Burst, and Nathan wants "something that can do everything."

One class showed up ready to give Santa compliments on all his hard work.

The annual event is also being held in Regina, Saskatoon, and Thunder Bay, where 38 Canadian Brigade Group squadrons are based.

38 Signal Regiment is a Reserve Force communications unit assigned to 38 Canadian Brigade Group.