The keynote speakers for the S.H.E. tour conference have flown in from the U.S.A and are ready to empower and inspire women in Winnipeg during the event this weekend. 

"A number of years ago God gave me this word S.H.E.," says Joanne Hoehne, the co-founder of The Source Church in Winnipeg, Florida, and Kenya. "He started showing me how it was a journey that women needed to go through." 

S.H.E stands for saved, healed, and empowered, which is what the three-day conference encompasses. The S.H.E. Tour is happening March 16-18 at The Source Church.

"I'm going to be talking about my story," says keynote speaker Michele Hunter. "God completely transformed my life through the power of His love. I have a long criminal history, I sold a lot of guns and drugs. God literally transformed my life while I was in jail facing 20 plus years in prison."

Francie Chapman, who also happens to be married to DOG the Bounty Hunter will also be sharing during the conference. 

"I also came out of a life of drugs, violence, and abuse," says Chapman. "God just unbelievably turned my life around after several abusive marriages I was in. I want women to know that they're not stuck in that, and your identity is not in that."

There are a few overflow tickets left for the conference.